Michael Moore: Invade USA


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I really like Michael Moore’s documentaries.  This one I liked the best.  They are shown in only a few theaters and the TV doesn’t market them.  It’s only by being a fan that one can find out such information.

I attended the second showing on the first day here in Nashville.  It was only shown in the Regal Theater in the Green Hills Mall area.  There were about twenty people there, all old and gray.  I guess the rest of the movie attendees went to see  live action: blood, guts and murder.  Even Zombies are falling out of favor these days.   The kids don’t care.  They are too into their cell phones.  Some can’t even get off the phone to buy popcorn but that’s another rave so for now I will continue with my review of the documentary.

Moore takes the premise:  ” I will go to other countries and bring back ‘ the good stuff.’ No oil, no slave trade, nothing I am going to the countries that seem to have a good life. ”

He goes to Finland.  The children are educated.  100% education in the country.  The school lunches look like fine dining delicious meals.  The kids are waited on by the cafeteria staff as they sit in around their tables.  There is no cafeteria style.  They eat food not pizza, or burger or frozen green peas.  All food in the school is free.  The high school kids speak at least two other languages. There is no homework. There are no private schools. ( Private schools take away from the society as a whole) It doesn’t matter where you live you get equal education.  The USA complains, ” Taxes are too high to have such.”  We don’t complain about the high cost of war, prisons or ignorance.

In Iceland the attorney hired a USA attorney to put the bankers in jail that caused the ruin of their country during 2008.  That’s right he hired a USA attorney who prosecuted the crooks in the 1980’s over the Savings and Loan Scandal.  The only bank to survive the collapse was bank totally run by women. ” We don’t understand hedge funds, derivatives etc. so we didn’t buy them.”   Their faith in the system is restored.  The economy is better than ever.

In Norway he interviews the father of one of the people killed by a bomb.  The father says, ” No I don’t believe in the death penalty.  No, I will not be brought down. No, I will open up.”  The contrasts of how other countries treat their prisons and prisoners is like evil and practical.  They are practical.  We are evil.  The open door in the USA says that over 80% of prisoners go back to prison.  This costs money and more lives.  Not so in a society that truly believes in ” no cruel and unusual punishment” like beating prisoners, solitary confinement and locking them up like wild beasts.

There is no illegal drugs.  Addicts are treated not locked up.  The price of drugs goes down, crime decreases and the number of addicts is manageable.  They treat drugs as sickness not criminal.

Italians get eight weeks paid vacations. They are astounded that USA workers barely get two weeks.  The CEO’s of companies listen to their workers and put them on their boards.

When the movie was over I was sad.  We truly do not practice what we preach as all these countries and all these people who he interviewed said, ” We took the words from your constitution.”






Faith is the Spirit of the Horse

Skirts Up Writers


Born beside a river

Left to wander over the mountains

Homeless without a resting placeWild horse

Always a stranger in a foreign land

Born with the genes of survival

Untouched by the hand of a man

Untamed without the bit or the bridle

Created and birthed in the land of sun and rain

Beating the earth of horizons and sunsets

Surrounded by the wisdom of the four winds

Run as if your life depended on it-because it does

Savage beast they call you.

Rough, your mane is tangled

No name and no connections

Spirited, restless and strong

Your heart knows the way

Unharnessed  and wild

The tamed zoo corrals your fears

Barns can be traps

Fences can be walls

When caged and trapped you are enraged

No decisions to make

No choices

Only direction and correction

Love pounding through your heart

Standing at the peak, on the mountaintops

It is…

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At My Daddy’s Table.

Growing up around a rectangular table Mother sat at the head with her back to the kitchen , facing the backdoor. With her permission father sat with his back against the wall beside her right hand. A small window above him shed light on his china plate. Around the old oak table, family heirloom. Surrounded by dark pine paneling made in 1962. It was an encasement of torture where kids grew up. Learning to navigate the world and hide our fears. “Come to the table when your mother calls. Sit!” he said. “Cover your chest with your sweaty shirt. Cover your shoulders with your blouse.” “Wash your hands. Remove the grease and the dirt. Make them smell like lye soap.” “ Keep your feet under the table.” ( boots, mud and manure) “No hats!” –(baseball or cowboy) “Off!” he yelled. Food is offered in times of death, divorce and disease Celebration of births, marriages and anniversaries. For special dinners let all the children first. Feed the men. Serve them and fill their drinks… When they leave to the living room women eat the remains. Girls wash dishes. Sweep the crumbs. Take small bites of humility. Keep your elbows off the table. Chewing with your opinions closed. Passing the secrets, please. If you don’t like it and it burns your mouth eat it, swallow it, pretend it’s the best you’ve ever tasted. When you don’t you’ll be eating more of the same thing as everyone watches. Silent rules you’ll never know until someone disobeys.

Don’t use the napkin to blow your nose. It’s okay to use it to sneeze. When you drop your fork pick it up. Wipe the mud from the carpet off your fork with the napkin. Mother will clean up your mess. Father’s words are “ The Rules.” Mother obeys and finds loopholes. No backtalk, defensive explanations. You are always wrong. Father’s words are the last sound in the room. You are at his table and you are there to be offended. If you must leave the table excuse yourself Ask your father before you go. Ask mother if it’s ok to ask father. If you are about to choke and can’t keep it down leave the table before you are thrown out. “…Enough of those words and ideas in this house!” If you have a problem with a family rule blame yourself. Suffer and wallow in shame. Feel guilty because you don’t add up. If you want to cry go to your room. Nobody wants to hear you. If you aren’t crying they might find something for you to cry about. Yes ma’am and no’ sir. Please and thank- you’s in unison. Sing the praises to the Lord and the dead chickens. It is life around the table. A circular chain of events The Golden Child grows up to be worthless. The Scapegoat becomes a workaholic. The Mascot involves into a addicted comedian. The Lost Child is left alone, forever. It is a frozen concept. Family rules shape you. It’s the reason for therapy in adulthood. Southern rules on sunny days made me who I am today.